Hello world

This is the first post of my new blog... Since I will be living in London for a while, I decided to keep English as primary language...

I will note down some interesting advancements in technology I follow. I will keep it short and simple because it will be easy to read for the visitors and it will be easy for me to write, I don't like to write if I am not writing software.

I have been coding for so long, a wordpress installation and plugin customization is harder for me to write this website from stratch in c#.

As always, I did not use any CMS or wordpress or something like that and I coded all the website myself with c# .net. Just like tahribat.com

If you do not know what tahribat.com is, it is like some kind of 20 year old reddit in Turkish with many tech sawy disciples, mostly hacking community. It is my oldest project still very active but I rarely find time to update it.

I plan my new blog to have lots of technical articles among with my shameless self promotion which my Turkish community got used to very well over the years.

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