I am really getting tired of this covid nonsense

My last 3 flights to UK are cancelled because of covid-19 restrictions.

Now I am writing this blog from a shithole I paid 1750 pounds that they call a quarantine hotel. This is basicly a prison you pay to stay willingly.

Believe or not, I waited a 5 hour line in airport between hundreds of people. Because they were checking covid and passenger locator forms.

You would be mad if you think about all the risks you when leaving the house, but they make you focus on that one virus over and over and they will make people get vaccinated otherwise they will make their lives much harder.

I think this is the biggest ho ax in history. I dont think vaccinating billions of people globally solves any problem. It will only make people weaker and the viruses stronger. The media should have been informing people how to boost their immune systems, not which vaccine to take. Remember there are literally mammals living in seweges eating sh*t all their lives and living a healthy lives. But we humans have to take 20 vaccines to protect ourselves?

I think this is the greatest hoax in history, but nobody thinks like me... lets make a google search and see...

covid is not a hoax

Thanks google for making me sure I am an idiot to think like that. Clearly I have radical thoughts and nobody on earth thinks its a hoax and there is nobody else who thinks this way.

Now lets search the same text in duckduckgo which is a real algorithm based search engine no one manipulates.

covid not a hoax

Oh I was right, there are people on this earth who think this is a real bullshit.

So I am not crazy it is just google ceensoring search results manipulating people. Just like the mainstream media.

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