My Choice of Genology Software

I always knew I needed to collect as many details as possible from my ancestry to be a noble man in the future.

I started to write down my family tree years ago. I started with excel and quickly found out that this was a bad idea because cells or smart objects is not a great way to build a tree in excel, hard to manage, bad visualization and of course excel most probably wont be around after 50 years so later generations will not be able to view them if they are not some kind of computer scientists who knows about nostalgy software.

So I downloaded Family Tree Maker, which was the most popular one in the 2010s. This was fairly good piece of software which gives you a nice UI made of windows controls so you can input details about your family. It was a commercial software, not great but gave me the start I needed to start to build my ancestry database and I used it for a very long time. I was not impressed with visualization and lack of detail of the profies so I had the urge to switch to a modern software in the following years. Now I knew what I was looking for.

One of the most important factors is my genology software should not be a SaaS application on the cloud (I put on long hours on my family tree and I cannot risk it to be taken down if I change my credit card or simply die)

 Also this needs to be a free software. Commercial software dont want you to move data out of their format so it makes your life a bit hard when you want to export your tree. But just like excel, this software may not be around after 50 years so I need it to be Exported as a text format such as XML or Json. Luckily there is GEDCOM standard which is a plain text file and It seems like this is the standard way to go to store an archive copy of your family tree.

After testing a lot of software, I found MyFamilyTree. It was just the thing what I would write if I decided to write a custom software for this purpose. It is plain simple, It has nice GUI, It is free. I wish it was open source but it is the to perfect thing for me.

By the way this is not a sponsored post, I hate sponsored content, it is fully free anyway.

Now I can start praising this software. MyFamilyTree allows you to add unlimited family members, set relations between them. Set facts about these people with an extremely detailed way, store html content for each person, store photos, auto detect faces in photos, export the family tree to a PDF format, export GEDCOM 7.0 format and see your family tree with diffrent visualizations. This is one of my favourite software so if you are making your own family tree I strongly suggest this one.

Now I have over 500 people on my anchestry database and I am one of the most noble people on my home country.

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