What I Have Learned After Creating 3 of my First Youtube Videos

I was already researching for how to record engaging videos for my new aytek ustundag youtube channel but there is no teacher like your own experience.

My First video is my Intro to my youtube channel which I recorded in a London Park.

My intro to my youtube channel

I always choose the most proffessional software to do something which would be a bad advice for most people. But over the years I realized most of the cheap and easy software is forgotten over time so my time investment for learning that piece of software becomes a loss for me. So even if I need a slight touch to an image/video/3d drawing / architectural plan  I always use the most professional software on the market which I am sure it will be there after 30 years... (I should make a video about that)

I already have an audience from my website so I was lucky to get some traffic from the start.

Cut the boring parts

I cut the silent or boring parts of my video using Adobe Premiere. I think that was the best thing I did which resulted in overall positive feedback for my videos because I am not a very fluent talker in both English and my native language Turkish because I have talked to computers in various  programming languages most of my life instead of using Human languages. Most my human interaction was through web sites and social media.

Video cutting in Adobe Premiere

Recording with a Selfie Stick Causes Nausea

I recorded my intro video with a selfie stick. My audience commented that they had nausea looking at my video. So my first lesson was to use a gimble for this kind of videos. I have no experience using them so I am going to research and learn more about this thing.

Also I was looking at phone screen when recording from my phone;I was not directly looking to the camera. I thought it would not make much diffrence but I realized it does.

Do not Mix Music with Speech

The other comment my audience made is they did not like mixing of music and speech. I pulled the volume low but it seems even this is not enaugh and it is disturbing. I will keep this in mind in the next videos.

Prepare well and Test Your Setup Before Recording

I had my first interview with Ersan Yakıt who is a hell of a coder. I was more focused on how to ask good questions so at least %60 would understand the very complex answers Ersan would give so overall it would be enjoying.

It was a very nice content but unfortunately I recorded it not through directly the input source but I recorded the echo from the microphone. This resulted in an understandable and watchable video but not a great audio recording.

OBS Audio capture

What I had to do was muting the mic input from OBS and Recording the Desktop Audio to get perfect audio from my skype session

You can compare his sound with my sound in the first minutes of this video

Why Luna Coin Collapsed

All the parts of your recording can be edited except these important points. so I think these are the most important lessons.

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